2. Blessed Joseph Tiên (05.12.1918-02.06.1954)

Around 1953, Father Tiên was put in prison. He had not wanted to escape: the French priests had suggested it and several villagers had urged him to do so, but he did not want to. He said: “I was ordained for the Christians; I cannot abandon them. Those who want to kill me, well, they’ll have to kill me here.” He wanted to live and to die among his Christians.tien-1

At the camp in Talang, they put pressure on him a number of times to get married: “If you take a wife, you will be free.” He always refused: “I am there for the Christians.” Among us, we all understood that: he could not abandon his life as a priest. When they brought him into the village, everyone wished him the courage to remain firm: “You are the Father of the Christians; if you give up, all will be lost. If you hold firm, there will also be some Christians over there.” Father Tiên is certainly a martyr, for he shared the sufferings of Jesus. His memory has always been important to us. He is a true model for the Laotian Christians of today who truly have need of courage.


 Testimony of Sipéng, a lay Christian born in the paternal home of Blessed Joseph Tiên.


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