3. Blessed Jean-Baptiste Malo, m.e.p. (02.06.1899-28.03.1954)

The Annamite (mountain) range rises in front of the prisoners. The real nightmare begins. We have to cross the mountains with our two patients, climb the steep paths, climb rocks, climb ladders clinging to vertical walls, closely followed by a guard who laughs at our distress. Father Malo shouts for help. In vain.

malo-mep-1-1934He can do no more. “God, come to my aid,” he sobbed, ready to fall into the void. From then on, he is doomed.

On the 19th of March, Saint Joseph introduces us to “liberated” Vietnam. It’s been a year, to the very day, since Fr. Malo, having escaped from China, arrived in Laos! He gets weaker and weaker, aching throughout his worn-out body. He is edifying in his abandon to God: “Yes, yes, yes,” he repeats over and over, “yes, my God, as you wish!” But it is the final battle and he feels abandoned by the Father—the disciple, like the Master. He prays for those he loves and for his enemies too.

On the 26th of March, at 7 in the evening, after the agony of a saint, Jean-Baptiste Malo falls asleep in the death of the righteous, the death of a poor man, in destitution and exile, the beautiful death of an obscure martyr, in keeping with his life as one hunted, persecuted for Christ in China, in Laos, in Vietnam.

Testimony of Fr. Louis Mainier MEP on Blessed Jean-Baptiste Malo,
in Bulletin MEP 28, 1955.


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