WEEK I — WEDNESDAY: Blessed René Dubroux, m.e.p. (28.11.1914-19.12.1959

dubroux-mep-6I gave you your freedom; use it only for the good and the service of your Laotian brothers. I miss your presence very much, even your periods of bad mood; and I miss even more the help you were to my work. This is what I ask of you: stick to regular confession. If you don’t go to confession often, you will lose your piety and the purity of your heart; and if, unfortunately, you stop going to confession, that would be a sure sign of disaster.

Now that you have some money, keep track of it, but do not live on the charity of others; and wherever you take a room, try to pay for the room yourself. Any way, you are free, with all the risks that this entails; accept your responsibilities.

My letter contains only advice. Avoid being frivolous; be serious, thrifty and persevering; set fantasies aside. Because you have been faithful, the good Lord has blessed you, and will bless you if you remain faithful. Whatever happens, you will always be my beloved son; I wrote to you at the death of your father that I’m sure he has watched over you from Heaven. The more you give, the more you receive.

Letter of Blessed René Dubroux
to a young catechist-helper, aged 21, 8 July 1959.


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