WEEK I — FRIDAY: Blessed Mario Borzaga, o.m.i. (27.08.1932-01.05.1960)

In my prayer, I do not ask Jesus for joy or strength; I ask only to love him more and more—to love him as the saints and martyrs loved him.

And you, now you’ve begun the Calvary of your apostolate. Along the way, you will be accompanied by Jesus, crowned with thorns; and at the top, you will find him on the cross. The Night will come, and then the Resurrection.

My God, make me love the cross and nothing else. Let me become holy and nothing else, even though I am the last one who should hope for it… O Jesus, be my light, the lamp that brightens my road on this earthly voyage toward heaven.

19/01, feast of St. Mario, martyr. What kind of martyr? Probably nothing more than for the love of God and charity towards his neighbor. I wonder how much I am also a martyr of charity; I will no doubt get there, since from day to night, I must be available to others. To each of those who comes to my door, I say in my heart: “O Jesus, it is you that I love in the person of this poor fellow, my brother; through his suffering, pardon me my sins!”

 Excerpts from the journal of Blessed Mario Borzaga,



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