WEEK I — SATURDAY: Blessed Mario Borzaga, o.m.i. (27.08.1932-01.05.1960)


sacerdoti_-_padre_mario_borzaga_imagefullEach day, we never have any lack of sick people to care for; many hours pass in this exercise of charity and of patience… We are about 15 people here at the mission—Fathers, students and catechists, including women and children—for whom we must provide bread, or rather, their daily rice…

Furthermore, the directives of Propaganda Fide require that each missionary spend at least ten days a month among the pagans to evangelize them: that leaves hardly any time for me to rest on my laurels… But working like that is worth it; the Lord blesses our poor efforts.

As far as the war is concerned, our zone is still calm since the opening of the road crossing through our village from Vientiane to Louang Prabang; actually, the rebels stay away from the traveled roads. That having been said, one does sense the odor of danger; so you see our people keeping a watch on the village during the night. As for us, we move forward without fear; we will stop only when the Lord decides. We only need the grace of God. As for the rest, even though our material needs are immense, each day those things seem all the more superfluous.

Letter of Blessed Mario Borzaga
to his uncle, a priest, 6 January 1960


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