WEEK II — SUNDAY: Blessed Mario Borzaga, o.m.i. (27.08.1932-01.05.1960)

66028318_129845219454On November 21, feast of the Presentation of Mary, we consecrated our district to the Blessed Virgin. They tell us that this consecration to the Madonna is an act of despair. So what should young missionaries like us do, faced with such vast territories to evangelize, in the midst of so many dangers and difficulties? So we have decided to “despair” publicly of our own strengths: once more, we recognize that we are poor men; we solemnly declare that we are fragile creatures, feeble voices who cry out in the desert.

So now we are consecrated to Mary: in an act of abandon, we confide all of our worries and our labors—labors that are apostolic only when in the heart of the Queen of Apostles.

We offer ourselves to her so as to become more priestly after the example of Christ. May she watch over us, as over beloved children who, in this region, see her as their Mother, and over all those who don’t know her yet. With a little sign from her, we will see her great maternal love: we will be filled with the Grace won for us, won for all, through her infinite suffering at the foot of the Cross of Jesus.

Letter of Blessed Mario Borzaga to the “Friends of Laos,”
Louang Prabang, 1 January 1960


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