WEEK II — MONDAY: Blessed Catechist Paul Thoj Xyooj (1941-01.05.1960)

thoj-xyoojOne morning, I went hunting in the forest, armed with my crossbow. All of a sudden, I heard voices and very loud shouting. I hid in the brush. On the path, I noticed a group of armed men. They were leading two persons who had their hands tied behind their backs—I recognized the Father and the young lad Xyooj. They stopped; they took the shirts off the two prisoners and forced them to kneel. They hit them with rifle butts while shouting at them from above.

The Father remained silent. Xyooj, who was talking to them and answering them, was beaten all the more, with rifle butts to the head, the ears, the whole body, so much so that blood was running down everywhere. A man cried out to him: “Get out of here quickly!”, but he answered: “No, I am not leaving; I am staying with the Father. If I leave, he is coming with me. If he doesn’t leave, I am staying with him!” The other cried out: “You are responsible for having wanted to bring this devil here and for having converted in one day more than 10 families to follow him.” Then I heard Xyooj praying in Hmong: “O God, protect us and protect our destiny; you see them and you see what they have done.”

Eye-witness account of a young man
about the death of Blessed Paul Thoj Xyooj.



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