WEEK II — TUESDAY: Blessed Louis Leroy, o.m.i. (8.10.1923-18.04.1961)

leroy-omi-2My impressions of Laos? I am delighted with my obedience, very happy to have arrived in this region and I have only one desire: to work here all my life, and, if God wants, to die here. It is a mission in the strictest sense of the word, a difficult mission, where the Father must live isolated, walking exhausted for days to visit the people, and when he is on the trail, subsisting on a frugal and poorly prepared diet. The people—all ethnic groups that are in the area —are friendly. Unfortunately many, one could say the majority, seem scarcely anxious to convert…

What does the future have in store for us? Will the Viêt attack some day? We don’t know for sure; we carry on as if the peace will last…

As for me, I am counting on you; pray a little for me so that I might achieve a good knowledge of the language—I am not even close yet. And then, how I need the grace to give myself totally for these people, to overcome the repugnance that the lack of cleanliness and hygiene cause in me! But for grace, we would not last very long.

Letter of Blessed Louis Leroy
to the Carmelites Sisters of Limoges, 29 January 1956.


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