WEEK II — WEDNESDAY:  Blessed Louis Leroy, o.m.i. (8.10.1923-18.04.1961)



Among the Christians, we have some who are living their Christianity deeply and who would be ready to shed their blood, if necessary, to profess their faith. A Christian, quite advanced in age, baptized three years ago, told the Father: when I am alone on the trail, I say my rosary to obtain for the Christians the grace to resist the communists if they should invade our country. Besides these beautiful examples, there are some less beautiful ones; the weakness of human nature is found everywhere; original sin has overtaken all of humanity; you notice that quickly, not matter where you find yourself.

Recently, communist propaganda was spreading the rumor that within a year, all the Fathers would have gone back to France, leaving the Christians to themselves; therefore, those who want to become Catholics could not do so reasonably. This propaganda succeeded in troubling some of the people: in that case, it’s better to wait before joining that religion. At the same time, we have the joy of being asked for in many villages. Let’s hope their request is sincere!

Letters of Blessed Louis Leroy to the Carmelites of Limoges,
2 March and 13 November 1956


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