WEEK II — THURSDAY Blessed Louis Leroy, o.m.i. (8.10.1923-18.04.1961)

leroy-omi-a-xieng-khouang-1957-1960In the last months, I had the opportunity to spend a night in the pagan villages to try to let them know about our religion, but at least apparently, what I told them did not seem to interest them much. It is the missionaries’ duty to preach; nevertheless, he learns quickly that only the all-powerful grace of God can convert a soul. For the past two months, I have traveled a lot; I am alone in a sector that has six villages, each with its chapel where worship is taking place. For some villages, just to get there, one has to walk for five hours, carrying a backpack on paths that go up and come down very abruptly.

Furthermore, we are taking care of two tasks: besides our apostolic work, we must care for the sick. Once Mass is over, I have to care for all sorts of maladies for two hours. How happy we will be once there are doctors in the region! But I think that day is still far off. On certain days, I have more to do than I can, but I am always glad to work for the Good God.

Letter of Blessed Louis Leroy
to the Carmelite Sisters of Limoges, 14 February 1959.


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