WEEK II — FRIDAY:   Blessed Louis Leroy, o.m.i. (8.10.1923-18.04.1961)


ban-pha At Ban Pha, where Father Leroy was, there is clearly religious persecution. The people are terrorized; they have to hide in order to pray. The church and the Fathers’ house have been systematically pillaged…. Father Leroy had been searched, stripped completely naked in front of everyone. He had a respite of a quarter-hour which he spent kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament; then he followed the soldiers who pretended that their commander was calling for him: he was in his cassock, his cross in his cincture, his breviary under his arm, barefooted and bareheaded. They took him into the woods. The people heard gunfire, and now there is a fresh grave…

Fathers Leroy and Coquelet were probably the best religious of the community: humble, zealous, pious, hard-working in studying the language—these greatly compensated for the intellectual slowness of the one (a very late vocation—a Norman peasant), and the shyness of the other.

On the other hand, both were capable of spending entire hours in the church… Their people have come several times already, in spite of the danger, to get news of them. But we cannot give them any.

Letters of Henri Delcros OMI to his family
concerning Blessed Louis Leroy, 17 May and 2 June 1961


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