WEEK III — MONDAY: Blessed Michel Coquelet, o.m.i. (18.08.1931-20.04.1961)

coquelet-omi-editedI cannot hide from you that things are going very badly for Laos. As far as I am personally concerned, I found myself peacefully in my village here, not worrying about a thing, because I had not gone to Xieng Khouang for more than a month. I was getting ready, however, to go up there, when we saw some soldiers arrive here, as well as some women and children who were fleeing the Plain of Jars and Xieng Khouang. Out of breath, they stopped here to regroup. They settled in a rice paddy, a terrain where a small plane could land to evacuate women and children toward the south. So it is that in four days, the village was transformed into a military camp.

I am absolutely unaware of what is happening in the rest of the country, but you can see that for me, things are not that bad.

Morale is excellent, both mine and that of the people. Once the first emotions have died down, one gets back to business. Even the fugitives don’t give the impression of being very upset. So we wait for whatever is next… Strange country, however. So for your part, do not worry: the future is in the hands of the Good God.

Last letter of Blessed Michel Coquelet to his family,
6 January 1961


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