III WEEK – THURSDAY: Blessed Catechist Joseph Outhay (25.12.1933-27.04.1961)

outhay-2Outhay was a very fine catechist. He had a strong personality; he was afraid of nothing. He was a faithful companion of Father Tenaud with whom he was traveling. It was while they were traveling that they were arrested. He was a faithful companion of the Church: he devoted his whole life to the Christians, to the people, through Father Tenaud.

He was patient, simple and humble. He was devoted body and soul to his service as a catechist. He left with Father Tenaud for a village in a disputed and therefore dangerous region. They were ambushed.

From the moment that he left for dangerous regions with Father Tenaud, he knew well of the very serious danger, but he never feared for his life. I truly believe that he chose to follow Christ and serve the people of God, whatever should happen.

His whole life was directed toward teaching the Word of God, in spite of the danger. Still today, even for those who did not know him, he is a martyr.

Testimony of a missionary, today a bishop,
about Blessed Joseph Outhay


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