WEEK III — TUESDAY: Blessed Noël Tenaud, m.e.p. (11.11.1904-27.04.1961)

tenaud-mep-new-gifJust as Jesus delivered himself to death for us, the ignominious death on the cross, so too the missionary, who has received from God the Mission to be His successor on earth, must be ready for every sacrifice. The vocation of the Foreign Missions, in fact, is a vocation to total sacrifice, a total gift of self to God in the details of daily life, even unto death itself.

He even needs to change his deepest ways of thinking. Like Jesus Christ, the missionary must become like those whom he has come to save… And having reached maturity, he must make for himself a new life; restart his education from its very foundations; rebuild the entire structure of his knowledge.

Much more suffering, many more sacrifices still await him there, but that does not bother him, for his commitment to God must extend even unto death…

The Gospel laborer must work with the sweat of his brow and, at the price of his suffering, purchase the fruit that will serve as remuneration for his action, that is to say, souls…

Blessed Noël Tenaud, farewell sermon to his parish,
16 August 1931


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