WEEK III — WEDNESDAY: Blessed Noël Tenaud, m.e.p. (11.11.1904-27.04.1961)

I am going to settle in the Savannakhet region, and from there, I will move out to find atenaud-mep-5 suitable area to install a station. Meanwhile, I will probably sleep in my van. I don’t know yet where I will dwell in the vast region the Bishop has entrusted to me: it must be the size of at least three or four French departments, and, of course, I am alone…. I am not telling you much more about my new kingdom since I don’t know much about it. For now, all I ask of you is that you pray and to have the children pray too, as well as all of our friends so that my new field of missionary work be open to grace.

Opening a new region is always a miracle of grace: you must get this miracle for me, and for that, you need to storm heaven for me…

I’m returning from a long, ten-day trip in the area which is my kingdom. I have been in contact with quite a few villages, and everywhere, I was well received. But those are merely first contacts and it’s a long way from first contacts to a request for conversion.

Letters of Blessed Noël Tenaud to his family,
3 December 1959 and 20 February 1960


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