WEEK III — FRIDAY: Blessed Vincent L’Hénoret, o.m.i. (12.03.1921-11.05.1961)

lhenoret-omi-7-1957-paksaneAll the acts of our daily lives, whatever they be, if they are done for love of God and to accomplish the task he has given us, can become a source of supernatural life which will have an effect even into eternity. Ah! If people knew how to understand this teaching of Christ, not only would hell have no reason to exist but even purgatory could be suppressed.

Whatever can happen to me in this country where I am going, I ask of you two things: first, to always pray for me, and second, that you not weep over me.

I am convinced that all will be well and I am leaving full of confidence; furthermore, for the salvation of souls, Christ gave his life; why should it be surprising if God asks the same of one or the other of us?

What is more certain is rather that he will ask us to give our life little by little, drop by drop, in the daily sacrifice of the duties of our state of life… We always have the consolation of being able to join our little daily sacrifices to the great sacrifice of the Cross. We have God with us all day long; what should we fear?

 Letter of Blessed Vincent L’Hénoret to his parents,
28 September 1947



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