WEEK III — SATURDAY: Blessed Vincent L’Hénoret, o.m.i. (12.03.1921-11.05.1961)

tytykMay this year be a year of peace and happiness. In order to possess this peace and prosperity, we must first of all put God in the first place and there is the rest, that is to say all that we need for our daily joy and happiness; then he will give that to us willingly. We must respect his will, in joy and in sorrow and in mourning.

When he wants to test our love, he visits us through suffering of body or anguish of heart; let us tell him thanks in everything and for everything. As hard as it may seem to our nature, we end up by finding our portion of joy, an intimate and sincere joy which makes us always happy.

We have faith, a faith which consoles us in the greatest ordeals on earth. God creates us for an end which is not of the earth, but really to go one day to delight in his own joy in heaven; also, the death of the just is a day of joy; it is the child who is going to find its Father. It is under this aspect that we must consider our passing from this earth. This passing is being prepared during all of life.

 Letter of Blessed Vincent L’Hénoret
after the death of his father, 2 February 1953


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