WEEK IV — MONDAY: Blessed Marcel Denis, m.e.p. (07.08.1919-31.07.1961)

denis-mep-chez-les-thaimeui-1960How interesting it is to preach to people who have never been exposed to our religion!

Seated on the floor of their high-perched house, one looks at the burning torch.

The night hours pass. The old man with slanted eyes and a wrinkled face tells of the tribulations of times gone by and of customs; he tells of what he likes or does not like in all these practices…

After the kilometers and climbs of the day, I fall asleep as soon as I lie down on the mat and I sleep like a log, even when it’s thundering and raining. The coolness of morning wakes us…

These successive rounds helped us to plow and to harrow and to sow. The result is not huge, but I am encouraged – some families are converting… All of that requires days of walking, visits that are useless (apparently), a whole atmosphere to be created, and the seed grows – thanks to the prayers and sacrifices of so many people I don’t even know. Release from the cult of spirits — the people ask for nothing better, but they are afraid to take the risk – because the spirits take revenge! When the people embark on this adventure of conversion, we must follow and instruct and heal them.

Letters of Blessed Marcel Denis to his father,
20 March and 29 April 1957


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