WEEK IV — SUNDAY: Blessed Vincent L’Hénoret, o.m.i. (12.03.1921-11.05.1961)

nbbkThe Easter festivities are over. If they wore me out, it was the work I had to do but they caused me a lot of hassle; almost no one came to the celebration, and there were barely a dozen Easter communions. I am awaiting the arrival of the bishop today to make a visit of all the stations.

I don’t know what he will decide, but we need to make some serious changes for the people. I believe he is going to put the choice to them: either religion or idolatry.

The Confirmation of the children should be an occasion for us to examine our life to see if we have been faithful to our commitments and if we are grateful to God; if not, let us recommit ourselves to these children under the banner of Jesus and Mary. Our whole life is a perpetual commitment; it is not the activity of one solemn day, but it is every day that we must carry out these commitments, in spite of past setbacks perhaps, in spite of the monotony of daily work, in spite of the routine of our occupations.

Letters of Blessed Vincent L’Hénoret to his family,
8 April and 29 May 1960


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