WEEK IV – WEDNESDAY: Blessed Marcel Denis, m.e.p. (07.08.1919-31.07.1961)

denis-mep-1Perhaps you’ve heard that Lak Sao has been taken by the Communists? That was a hot one! … Once again the Good God protected me.

It’s only right. People are praying for me so much! Provided that this does not make the bishop change his mind. I don’t have a lot of catechumens near Lak Sao; most of my work is in the north…

For years I’ve been traveling that way, perpetually “reprimanded” by the people who are fearful when there is yet no danger, who still tremble when it’s no longer there…

The soldiers are leaving to rest, far to the south, in the mountains, carrying their few wounded, and leaving the region to the Viet. I stayed to visit my catechumens on Saturday and Sunday. I was able to visit all my people.

I am happy. But in leaving, I had a heavy heart, not knowing whether I will ever be able to see again these catechumens of less than a year. Pray hard for them and for the region… So that was an odd week! Pray for your godfather, you and your sisters and everyone…

 Letter of Blessed Marcel Denis to his niece, 27 March 1961


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