WEEK IV — THURSDAY: Blessed Jean Wauthier, o.m.i. (22.03.1926-16.12.1967)

wauthier-omi-subra-bannammon-1953The war is in full swing, but here we come and go—sometimes there are impressive encounters. All alone, turning a corner, I come across a dozen armed guys, who immediately take aim at me. A quick act of contrition. With my best smile on my lips, and with a beating heart, I approach them, I speak to them in Phou-teng: they say not a word. Only two answer me in Lao. I tell them that I am visiting everyone to heal them, to tell them of the Good God, etc. Silence… Then I wish them a good journey and without permission I continue on my way. It took me a little will power not to turn around, listening for the rattle of machine guns that I know so well. It happened so quickly, in a forest area where no one will go to look…

You see that the Blessed Virgin protected me. And why be afraid? We are nothing of ourselves, but we are walking Christs; you feel it almost physically in this country where everyone lives in the fear of spirits and we are love, where everyone lives for bodily needs and we are first of all a soul that should be shining, where virginity is unknown and ridiculed and we live without women.

 Letter of Blessed Jean Wauthier
to the Oblates at Solignac, France, 24 March 1954


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