WEEK IV — SATURDAY Blessed Jean Wauthier, o.m.i. (22.03.1926-16.12.1967)

wauthier-omi-namlieng-1960The kingdom of God moves forward, little by little, but it’s a wonder that it does so, in spite of the huge power of the hostile forces who oppose it… What will be its future? God alone knows, but for us missionaries and for all those who support us, it’s consoling to know that the least of our efforts is something positive, even though a road, a bridge, can be destroyed so quickly. That’s what I often tell myself while walking along the paths to visit a family that is more or less fervent: a day or two to see four or five Christians, just happy to have any at all…

The other day, I had to cross a river thirteen times, often with the water up to my stomach. After that, I walked in mud for two or three hundred meters on a trail literally plowed up by buffalos. Sometimes it was up to my knees. It’s wonderful to get out of there… All of that is the beautiful life of the missionary, really beautiful; nothing beats being wet like the joy of putting on dry clothing; or having walked in the rain for hours and then being in the shelter of a roof that leaks a bit, but not much…

 Letter of Blessed Jean Wauthier
to the Poor Clares of Fourmies, 16 August 1959



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