WEEK V – SATURDAY: Blessed Catechist Luc Sy , and Blessed Phô Inpèng, layman, fathers of families

newLuc Sy was a catechist who carried out his mission well. Every month, he made a report. Everything was noted: prayers, care and visits of the sick, communion for the sick, baptism of children, marriages, finances. He worked in the mountains, in the “hot” zones. He loved others; he was a man who shared, a helpful man. He made no distinctions between Christians and non-Christians. The day we spent together on the eve of his death, he prayed all day long, from morning till evening without interruption. In the evening when I saw him, he told me: “Now I am ready.”

Phô Inpèng was a new convert who had been a captain in the army before becoming a Christian. His was a family of refugees. He was a leader; he took charge of organizing the little Christian community. Luc Sy took care of the liturgical aspect and he took care of the day to day affairs of the community. I trusted him totally. He really loved God and was proud to be a Christian and a Catholic. He volunteered to accompany us, Luc Sy and me, when the two of them were killed in an ambush.

 Testimony of an eye-witness, a deacon who today is a bishop,
about Blessed Luc Sy and Blessed Maisam Phô Inpèng

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