WEEK V – THURSDAY Blessed Student catechist Thomas Khampheuane (05.1952-12.05.1968)

galan-rfgdIt’s peace that we lack here; there’s always war, the little war, not very lethal but awfully bothersome. You always have to be on your guard, armed with patience and prudence. The apostolate is suffering because of it. Yet by seeking, we find souls of good will who are looking for the truth; but we cannot do all that we would want for them. We should not complain too much however; the situation could be much worse. We can still do missionary work and even reap the fruits, not abundantly perhaps, but enough to believe that we’re not working uselessly. In spite of everything, we hope for better days. “Fear not, little flock; I have conquered the world.”

I am still in the danger zone, surrounded by mines. The jungle inhabited by tigers and serpents is not dangerous, but when men decide to play a game of war there, it becomes dangerous and it’s always the innocent who suffer. I am limited in my apostolic or other movements. I am going to spend Christmas in a so-called liberated zone; I’ll have to go through the curtain of mines.

Letters of Blessed Lucien Galan to a priest friend,
12 September 1961 and 16 December 1962.

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