WEEK V — TUESDAY Five Oblate Martyrs (1961-1969)

wauthier-omi-7-mgrloosdregt-coquelet-leroy-a-namlieng-1960I met Fathers Joseph Boissel, Vincent L’Hénoret, Jean Wauthier, and then Fathers Leroy and Coquelet: they were all admirable missionaries, ready for every sacri-fice, living very poorly, with an unlimited dedication.

During those troubled times, all of us, each one more or less, wanted to be a martyr, “to give one’s whole life for Christ.” We were not afraid to risk our lives and to venture into the so-called dangerous areas. The missionary team in Laos was deeply united among themselves and closely united around their bishop.

We were all focused on going to the poorest people, to visit the villages, to care for the sick, and especially to proclaim the Gospel. All of the murdered fathers lived deeply their religious and missionary life:

  • Joseph Boissel was a big-hearted man, quite a character, with his frank speech, deeply religious, a man of prayer, faithful to district meetings, very affable within the community.
  • The same for Jean Wauthier, a man of action, skilled of hand, a good organizer and very generous.
  • Fathers Leroy and Coquelet were very pious and very faithful to their religious exercises.
  • Vincent l’Hénoret was very dedicated and very close to the people, a good religious and very fraternal in community.

I thank the Lord for having been able to live for 24 years in the beautiful Mission of Laos, and for having met, from the North to the South of Laos, some remarkable missionaries: Oblates in the North and the M.E.P. in the south.

 Fr. Joseph Pillain, o.m.i.,
Letter to Fr. Nicola Ferrara, o.m.i., 13.03.1999.


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